Scientific management

SAIC Motor has been seeking management and system innovation, which provides strong vitality for its development.

From scratch, special area of production

Since 1988, SAIC MOTOR innovatively set up special areas of production that became the demonstrative area of the scientific management.

Promoted the practice of special area of production with full efforts. All production areas for Santana were built into special areas of production.

Breakthrough, zero defect management

Shanghai Huizhong Automotive Manufacturing Company successfully applied zero defect management since 1992, and SAIC MOTOR began to develop its managerial uniqueness of zero defect management.

Development, from lean manufacturing to lean management

SAIC MOTOR began to promote lean manufacturing within the group since 1994, which reflects the fact that SIAC has stepped up to a new level of modernized management.

Innovation, the management model of "Letting Everyone become Manager"

From 2000, SAIC Motor started to implement the management approach of "Letting everyone become a manager".

Polishing one sword with ten years, the management approach of "Letting everyone become a manager", started with a single company, then duplicated to another company, and then spread to a number of companies, and finally implemented throughout the entire group.

In 2011, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China decided to spread SAIC Motor's management approach of "Letting everyone become a manager" in the nationwide machinery equipment industry.