Roewe-China's first medium-high end self-owned brand

Brand ownership:Shanghai Automotive Group Co. Ltd.

Brand history

Roewe brand was launched in October 2006

In 2006,Roewe 750 made its debut on Beijing International Auto Show

In 2008,Roewe 550 made its debut on Shanghai International Auto Show

In April 2010,Roewe 350 was released to the market

In August 2011,Roewe W5 was released to the market

In October 2011,Roewe new 750 hybrid car entered the market

In April 2012,Roewe 950 was released to the market

Roewe E50 pure electric car was released the market in November 2011

Brand interpretation

Brand idea:innovation and honor,showing glorious power to the world

Badge design interpretation:honorable,glorious and powerful,creative,auspicious

Core image:lion in the east,honorable, glorious and powerful

interpretation of the decorated huge pillars:classical totern,blessing for the country

RW implications:abbreviation,it means the lion

Brand culture—Innovation, inheriting classic