MG cars-the popular sports cars brand in the world

Brand ownership:Shanghai Automotive Group Co. Ltd.

Brand history

The first MG car was born in 1924

in 2000,MG-Rover Group was founded

In 2005,Nanjing Automotive Corporation acquired MG in the amount of 53 million pounds

In 2007, Nanjing Automotive Corporation was acquired by SAIC MOTOR,resulting in the MG brand coming under the ownership of SAIC MOTOR

In August 2007,MG7 was released to the market

In June 2008,MG 3SW was released to the market

In December 2009,MG6 was released to the market

In March 2011,MG3 was released to the market

In March 2002,MG5 was released to the market

Brand design interpretation

The distinctive octagon MG badge implies the vault of heaven of British Anglican church,which endowed the inherent pure British royal blood and spirituality;the rigid,,strong octagon with high tension happens to have the same concept with china's 5000-thousand-year culture

Brand culture

Passion and loyal,highlighting the personality of"cheerful,relaxed,free and hear beating "