The second popular brand of Shanghai Volkswagen- Skoda-well known brand with hundred years history in the world

Brand ownership: German Volkswagen Group

Brand history

In 1895,L&K was established in Czech Republic and manufactured automobiles in 1905

In 2000,Skoda became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group and was best selling cars around the world

In 2005,Shanghai Volkswagen introduced Skoda brand officially

In June 2007,Octavia was released to the market.

In December 2008,Fabia was released to the market

In August 2009,Superb was released to the market

In September 2010,new model Octavia was released to the market

Badge design interpretation

Feather and winged arrow symbolized Skoda's advanced process and a greater degree of originality,and Skoda cars will sell all around the world;green signalizes hope,reflecting its environmental production and possess boundless vitality

Brand culture