The first brand of Shanghai General Motors-Cadillac-Luxury classical tap brand

Brand ownership:General Motor Corporation

Brand history

In 1899,the automobile company was founded and renamed Cadillac in 1992

In 1908,GM acquired Cadillac which became"world standard"

In 2002,GM held its 100th anniversary celebration.Cadillac was the models of America spirit and leading luxury car

In November 2006,Cadillac CTS was released to the market

In November 2006,Cadillac SLS was released to the market

Badge design interpretation

The crown and shield are everlasting elements of the Cadillac emblem. The logo can be traced back to the family badge of Antoine De La Mothe Cadillac,the forefather of Cadillac family and symbolized its leading position in automotive industry. The combination of colors also has rich meanings.

Brand culture

The second brand of Shanghai General Motors-Buick-backhone brand forward to the future