Maxus datong-SAIC Motor first marquee international commercial vehicles with self owned brand

Brand ownership:SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd

Brand history

In February 2011,MAXUS Datong brand was launched

In June 2011,the first MAXUS Datong V80 commercial car came off the line

In September 2011,MAXUS Datong V80 was released to the market

Badge design interpretation

Maxus brand structure consists of three silver triangle combination. Modeling simple, atmospheric, very modern design sense and a sense of quality. Three triangles represent technology, trust, enterprising, Maxus' brand's core values. Consisting of three word "person", a "public" character structure, both metaphor SAIC commercial vehicles forge ahead in unity, breaking, enterprising and innovative, positive entrepreneurial spirit, but also reflects the people-oriented SAIC Chase, "is always the consumer by demand-oriented "brand purpose, united with the user more sustenance, help all walks of life towards a new career high degree of brand vision.