Maxus sells EV80 to Germany

Maxus sells EV80 to Germany

A “China Made” product drove into the European market as SAIC Maxus delivered 200 EV80 vehicles to Maxus Group, the biggest light commercial car rental company in Germany, in mid-January.

The Maxus EV80, a pure electric wide-body light passenger vehicle, is sold at 67,908.5 USD. It was the first time the Maxus Group has bought a China-made vehicle, and SAIC Maxus is now the first China automobile enterprise to gain an order for more than 100 vehicles in the European Union market segment.

SAIC Maxus delivers 200 EV80 vehicles to Maske Group in Germany.

EV80 wins appreciation from German customers

Maxus Group had been looking for three years for a satisfactory electric vehicle before it found the SAIC Maxus EV80. After thorough testing of the product, the group still sent a machinist to dissemble a Maxus EV80 for a closer check of the performance of each part, including the brakes, tires, and electric engine. The result was persuasive enough to make Maxus believe that the EV80 is reliable and place the order for 200 vehicles.

Maxus Group made this investment because compared with traditional diesel-fuelled light passenger vehicles the EV80 can save as much as 70 percent in maintenance expenses. SAIC Maxus also offers a warranty of three years and 100,000 kilometers for the vehicle and of five years and 100,000 kilometers for the battery.  

The Maxus EV80 has been recognized not only by the German market but also by other European countries. It passed the assessment of the office for low emission vehicles (OLEV) in the UK, becoming the first China made wide-body light passenger vehicle eligible for a subsidy from the British government. In 2017, the Maxus EV80 was also the first China-made vehicle to receive the Winner Award as the best electric vehicle (EV) and the Commended Award as the best light commercial vehicle from Green Fleet – an evaluation agency specializing in new energy vehicles in the UK.

German newspaper publishes an article to recommend China made EV80.

Maxus is widely recognized for high-standard quality

In line with SAIC Motor’s development strategy featuring electrification, intelligence, interconnection and sharing, SAIC Maxus takes new energy vehicles (NEVs) as its major development trend and engages in developing new-energy-fueled wide-body light vehicles, multi-purpose vehicles (MPV), pickups and sports utility vehicles (SUV) with technologies of pure electricity, hybrid plug-ins and fuel cells.

To ensure quality a great amount of money has been invested in technologies and services. Reaching international manufacturing standards, SAIC Maxus boasts outstanding competitiveness which enables it to provide first-rate products and services.

The Maxus EV80 is the first pure electric wide-body light vehicle to be sold in the European market. As European countries are making efforts to reduce carbon emissions, the EV80 is poised to meet their needs.

The EV80 is also popular in China. Maxus has established cooperation with China e-commerce giant Jingdong, express firm SF Express and Alibaba’s logistics arm Cainiao Network to supply logistic and shuttle vehicles in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuxi city of Jiangsu province and Zhongshan city of Guangdong province. The EV80 is even used as a school bus by Shanghai Wellington College International.

High security performance and long endurance mileage

A major product of SAIC Maxus, the EV80 boasts outstanding security performance and excellent mileage.

Vehicle security is a priority in the design of the EV80. The vehicle is installed with a lithium iron phosphate battery with a capacity of 56KWh. The high-duty aluminum frame helps improve the stability of the battery, and the battery system and engine are well protected from the tiniest dust particles. The security performance of the battery case has an Ingress Protection Rating of 67 which means it can be soaked in water for as long as half an hour without causing electric leakage. The battery management system can monitor the battery cell and will automatically shut off power if there is any collision or electric leakage to protect the drivers and passengers.

The Maxus EV80 is produced in line with the Commercial Vehicle Development Process so that it has a maximum mileage range of 195 kilometers. Maxus also cooperated with domestic suppliers to develop an advanced electric drive system which guarantees the vehicle is capable of long-distance performance.

The vehicle also has advantages in dynamics, carrying capability and controllability, making it suitable for passenger and logistics transportation in urban areas. Customers can enjoy green travel at low cost by driving the EV80.