High-performance MG GS hits the market

“十万级高性能SUV”2016款名爵锐腾上市 支持苹果CarPlay  售价10.97-17.97万元

As SAIC Motor's high-performance mid-range SUV in 2015, the MG GS has redefined the value of mid-range SUVs with its great performance, look and value. The vehicle has received positive reviews far and wide since hitting the market.

Officially launched on Feb 24, the MG GS caters to young people's needs for a dynamic and fashionable way of life. The vehicle has different versions and upgraded configurations and costs between 109,700 and 179,700 yuan. It has established its role as one with the best SUV engines for cost and performance among its peers in China, becoming a new model in the 100,000-grade SUV. The upgraded 2016 version supports Apple CarPlay, the first of its kind in China to use that system.

More MG GS models with greatly upgraded configurations

The MG GS has two manual-shift gear versions for 2016 added to its other versions. The two models, one premium and one comfort, feature 10 upgraded configurations and offer more choices for consumers with better cost performance. As compared with the 2015 elite version, the premium version adds high-end leather seats, a roof rack, an electronic anti-pinch skylight, high-definition reverse imaging, an eight-inch high-definition touch screen, inkaLink entertainment drive system and multi-functional steering wheel. Its better cost performance will impose an impact on the 100,000-yuan high-performance SUV market.

“十万级高性能SUV”2016款名爵锐腾上市 支持苹果CarPlay  售价10.97-17.97万元

In addition, the 2016 versions have been upgraded from the previous 6-inch high-definition touch screen to 8 inches and the inkaLink system supports CarPlay, MirrorLink and SDL systems and is compatible with most mainstream mobile phones on the market. The popular CarPlay has been popularized in luxury brands including Volvo, Audi and Cadillac, while SAIC Motor’s ROEWE 360 took the lead to support the system when it hit the market last September. The vehicle has enjoyed the best sales among CarPlay models. The increasing vehicle models and upgraded configurations have not only upgraded the quality of MG GS but also improved its cost performance, making it an ideal 100,000-yuan high-performance SUV.

A new model in 100,000-yuan high-performance SUVs

The 2016 MG GS continues to shine with its great performance, look and value.

High-performance remains the most forceful commitment of the MG GS to consumers. The 2016 MG GS continues to be equipped with SAIC Motor’s NetBlue, a world-class efficient powertrain technology—1.5TGI and 2.0TGI turbocharged cylinder direct injection engines. The 1.5TGI engine’s maximum power reaches 169 horsepower with 250NM in peak torque, and it’s paired with 6-speed manual transmission, with comprehensive oil consumption at 6.6 liters per 100km. The 2.0TGI engine features 220 horsepower in maximum power and 350NM in peak torque. It can go from zero to 100kph in 7.89 seconds and is the only one of its kind in mid-range SUVs. MG GS’s braking performance is also worth mentioning. It could come to a halt from 100kph in 38 meters, excelling almost all SUVs for sale.

The good-looking 2016 MG GS applied a cutting-edge UK-styled streamlined body, with its front continuing MG classic design language and windspread straight air-inlet grille connected to its headlamps. The octagonal MG inset makes for a strong visual impact. The perfect side wall ratio and extremely powerful level waistline design create a sexy look. The diamond-cut 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels perfectly integrate fashion and pragmatism. The 2016 versions have also added two-tone saddle-brown upholstery, which increase the sense of athleticism and class.

In addition to traditional technological and safety configurations, the 2016 MG GS has 10 upgraded configurations. It now has an eight-inch high-definition touch screen and the inkaLink entertainment drive system. In addition, SAIC Motor improved the underpans of all 2016 MG GS models. Riding comfort has been significantly improved, with the vehicle still keeping its athletic style. The MG GS has become a new model in the 100,000-yuan high-performance SUV category, thanks to its great performance, look and value.

MG links up with Liverpool Football Club

Just as the 2016 MG GS hit the market, MG also announced its cooperation with the Liverpool Football Club, kicking off its sporting year.

The UK endorsement and athletic genes offered many possibilities of cooperation between the historic club with five UEFA championships and the legendary UK auto brand. MG will carry out in-depth cooperation with Liverpool FC in multiple fields, and players from the club will be present to support major MG events this year. With the launch of new products and a series of sports marketing activities, MG will develop a more dynamic and fashionable auto life for consumers in 2016 and promote the charm of sports and youth.