MG makes young people’s first ‘SUV on internet’

名爵ZS全球首发 上汽MG名爵打造年轻人标配的首台互联网SUV

The new MG ZS SUV made its world premiere at the 14th China (Guangzhou) Automobile Exhibition, or Auto Guangzhou, on Nov 18, 2016. It will hit showrooms in China in early 2017.

The SUV, which features an all-new design conforming to international trends and intelligent internet systems, drew great attention from visitors to the show.

名爵ZS全球首发 上汽MG名爵打造年轻人标配的首台互联网SUV

名爵ZS全球首发 上汽MG名爵打造年轻人标配的首台互联网SUV

The new MG ZS will usher in an “era of internet cars”, which may see deeper integration of the Chinese car industry and the internet sector. The SUV will also become a top choice for many young people who are planning to buy their first car.

Top choice for first car

Young people usually put high hopes on their first car. To those who were born in late 1980s and brought up in the information age, cars are absolutely not just a means of transport and should provide more internet-based solutions, meaning an internet car should be the standard first car for them.

MG has set an example in building the first SUV on the internet targeting young buyers.

The MG ZS is equipped with the cutting-edge intelligent interconnect system, which assign an independent ID to each user for logging into their internet motor life. The system allows the user to enjoy the convenience brought by intelligent technologies, such as locking or unlocking the car or turning on the air conditioner via remote control. Voice control technologies are also imbedded so that the user only needs to say what they want in order to open or close the sunroof, adjust temperatures in the car, play music, and operate navigation. By freeing both hands from complex operation, the user can better concentrate on driving, which is also beneficial to road safety.

名爵ZS全球首发 上汽MG名爵打造年轻人标配的首台互联网SUV

Besides, the MG ZS provides customized intelligent transport solutions. Its “flexible” adaptive navigation, which is based on careful selection based on enormous data and real-time updates of online maps, offers the driver a new type of user-friendly guidance. Without any interference from the driver, the navigation system can intelligently plan the route on its own, automatically adjusts the map size, and inform the driver of real-time road conditions all along. Under the circumstances where GPS and internet connection are unavailable, the navigation system is capable of double-blind positioning, meaning it can still accurately track the car and guide it through to its destination. The user also can share moments of the journey using a real-time 4G LAN in the car. In addition, payment solutions ensure that the user can access any life settings freely.

Car in vogue

MG ZS is definitely one of the cars in vogue worldwide. Its design follows mainstream international concepts and contains pop culture elements on one the hand, and salutes to European classical aesthetics, which stress proportion. As a result, the car looks both sporty and elegant. Its grill reminds people of a sky filled with sparkling stars, the headlights are inspired by the London Eye and the tail lights adopt a pattern similar to the the Big Dipper.

名爵ZS全球首发 上汽MG名爵打造年轻人标配的首台互联网SUV

名爵ZS全球首发 上汽MG名爵打造年轻人标配的首台互联网SUV

Another distinctive feature is the panorama glass sunroof, which is 1,365mm*870mm in size, with the area of opening reaching 0.83 sq m and the sliding glass panel able to move a maximum distance of 695mm. The ultra large sunroof is favored by young consumers craving freedom.

MG ZS is powered by SAIC’s world-class NetBlue 16T engine, which delivers up to 12 hp and 170 Nm of torque. The engine is more powerful than a naturally aspirated 1.6L engine and functions the best compared to rivals, and its design also has taken fuel saving and environmental protection into consideration.

Although it hasn’t hit showrooms, MG ZS is already popular online and has been endorsed by many industry insiders. Before it was unveiled, a microblog discussion centered on MG ZS, “My First Internet Car”, sparked off quite a discussion from 130 million netizens in China, meaning one in every 10 was interested in the car.

Carrying on its 100-year-long sports gene, MG is favored by the younger generation. Representing the trends of internet-based cars, MG made a dazzling display of its cars at the Guangzhou motor show. In particular, MG ZS, the first internet-based SUV, may inspire the creation of new lifestyles. The car industry will have to wait and see.