SAIC’s all-new MG GS hits market

从性能第一到性价比第一 上汽全新名爵锐腾上市 售9.88万-16.88万

On Dec 19, 2016, SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle Co officially released a brand new MG GS, priced from 98,800 to 168,800 yuan ($14,200-24,300).

The updated MG GS has a better look and interior design, along with improved quality, highly-efficient engine performance and intelligent driving systems, offering consumers a top-performance SUV at an affordable price.

从性能第一到性价比第一 上汽全新名爵锐腾上市 售9.88万-16.88万

从性能第一到性价比第一 上汽全新名爵锐腾上市 售9.88万-16.88万

The updated version came only 20 months after the successful launch of the original MG GS, as a result of in-depth communication with young consumers.

In light of a national purchase tax hike from 5 to 7.5 percent on vehicles with engine displacement of 1.6L or less from 2017, SAIC rolled out a preferential policy, which grants those who buy new MG GS 20Ts before the end of 2016 a tax cut by half, with a maximum reduction of 6,000 yuan, and giving buyers who place an order before the end of 2016 and make the purchase before February 2017 the same treatment.

Better performance, lower price

Active communication with young consumers has led to improvements on the new MG GS’s appearance and interior, making it look sportier and also more comfortable. Its engine technology overtakes rivals by two generations, acceleration from 0 to 100 kph takes two seconds less, fuel consumption per 100 km is 2L less, and braking distance is two meters shorter. It also has taken the lead in offering compatibility to two modes of cell phone systems.

Besides improvements on its look and performance, the new generation MG GS is also more affordable and has set a new standard for assessing SUVs’ cost-effectiveness.

Challenging joint-venture brands

While extending the classical elements of the older version, the new MG GS has a better proportioned front design, as well as a lower center of gravity.

The updated interior is comparable to that of joint-venture SUVs and even luxury cars, while improved wheel design brings better handling.

The new MG GS lineup is powered by SAIC’s world-class NetBlue 20T and 30T engines. The 30T engine delivers up to 220 hp of power and 350 Nm of torque and goes with a six-speed dual-clutch transmission to allow the car to accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in eight seconds. The 20T engine generates 169 hp and 250Nm of torque and goes with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, enabling the car to travel more than 100 km on 6L of fuel as well as become an aerodynamic stunner.

Based on user feedback, the new MG GS is equipped with the inkaLink entertainment system, offering Apple CarPlay and Baidu CarLife modes, which are compatible to almost all cell phones, a great optimization of user experience. After MG GT took the lead in adopting the dual system in September 2016, its sales surged by 389 percent in November, which was attributable to an explosion in the model’s popularity by word of mouth.

SAIC MG always sticks to the principles of respecting consumers and building cars for young people. What the company strives to provide young consumers with are not just products but also a new motor life built on the foundation of high-quality cars. Such a lifestyle originates from young consumers’ changing needs and covers all aspects of the real life of their interests.

Take soccer for example. SAIC MG has invested heavily in this popular sport. In 2017, the company will further collaborate with the Shanghai SIPG Football Club and the Liverpool Football Club to pass down MG’s 100-year-long sports genes and bring a colorful motor life full of passion and vitality to Chinese consumers.