MG ZS SUV hits showroom in China

MG ZS SUV hits showroom in China

The younger generation is gradually becoming the absolute main force for consumption. MG has set an example in building the first SUV on the internet targeting young buyers.

About 100 MG ZS owners showed up at the production base in Nanjing on March 4 to witness the model’s official launch. The new model accepted advance bookings from Valentine’s Day onwards. As SAIC Motor’s new attempt to cater to young buyers’ tastes, ZS boasts the largest sunroof and most intelligent interconnection system of the MG line-up and it has a super large 8-inch display screen, international design and high performance, which makes it a top choice for many young people who are planning to buy their first car.

MG ZS SUV hits showroom in China

A total of 10 variants hit shelves at prices ranging from 73,800 to 115,800 yuan ($10,695 to 16,782), and the first 30,000 buyers can upgrade its sunroof to an ultra large panoramic one. Another highlight of MG ZS is the online payment, which is provided by Chinese e-commerce conglomerate Alibaba's financial arm Ant Financial. It is also the world’s first SUV having built-in Alipay. Buyers can fully enjoy basic internet service and life-long free charge for basic data traffic.

The letter “Z” symbolizes Generation Z (who are typically thought of as being comfortable with technology, and interacting on social media) and the typical characteristic of the young people -- “Zest”. As a SUV targeting young buyers, ZS took the lead to adopt MG’s design philosophy – Emotional Dynamism.

MG ZS SUV hits showroom in China

MG ZS combines the philosophy with a survey on the aesthetic sense of about 300 young people from 16 cities in eight countries, and then decided the design. It follows mainstream international concepts and contains pop culture elements on one the hand, and salutes to European classical aesthetics, which stress proportion.

The elegant European-style seat covers, 8-inch high-definition display screen, a 1.19 square meters panorama glass sunroof, the large space, long wheelbase and roomy interior offer a luxury driving experience for its users.

MG ZS focuses on the core demand of young people and makes potive respond to the target customers’ demands. As a new member of the Internet car group and the fruit of the SAIC-Alibaba cooperation, ZS is installed with up-to-date intelligent internet system.

The system enables remote controls over the vehicle, such as locking and unlocking doors, vehicle location, which are usually high configurations of luxury cars. It also allows users to enjoy the convenience brought by intelligent technologies, such as locking or unlocking the car or turning on the air conditioner via remote control. Voice control technologies are also embedded so that the user only needs to say what they want in order to open or close the sunroof, adjust temperatures in the car, start or stop the rain wiper, operate navigation, weather query, and play music. By freeing both hands from complex operation, the user can better concentrate on driving, which is also beneficial to road safety. The MG ZS provides customized intelligent transport solutions.

The SUV, which features intelligent internet applications such as a popular mobile navigation app Amap, Chinese major online music provider, a smartphone FM app – Qingting FM. Another distinctive feature of the car is the built-in Alipay payment solution provided by Alibaba's financial arm Ant Financial Services Group.

The convenient payment solution makes a cash-free journey possible, and the in-car KTV, the navigation system, which is capable of double-blind positioning, meaning it can still accurately track the car and guide it through to its destination. In addition, intelligent devices like unmanned aerial vehicles and smart motion cameras can be connected to the SUV via internet and ensure that the user can access a smart and interesting lifestyle.

MG ZS is powered by SAIC’s world-class NetBlue 16T engine and 6AT. Its top torque reaches 170 Nm with maximum output of 125 horsepower, while its comprehensive fuel consumption is as low as 5.9 liters per 100 km, boasting the better performance and higher fuel-efficiency than its rivals.Its design also has taken fuel saving and environmental protection into consideration. In addition, MG ZS provides users comfortable handling with free switching of different driving modes of both high-end SUV and sports car to the young people through an adjustable electronic power steering system.

The SUV follows the New Car Assessment Program five-star safety guideline and is equipped with safety auxiliary devices such as tire-pressure monitoring system and all-weather radar parking sensor.

The MG ZS provides a customized model for young consumers and enriches the brand's lineup.The high-quality and price-quality ratio will make it the best choice for their first internet-based SUV. Since its advance booking on Feb 14, MG ZS has received a large number of orders.