New MG6 proves popular with young drivers

最性能座驾 连订单都跑得比别人快!全新名爵6上市首个周末订单超2000

The new MG6 has been well received by customers since it was launched in early November, with more than 2,000 vehicles ordered on the first weekend. 

People’s enthusiasm for the new MG6 continues to increase. Some outlets where the vehicle has not yet been exhibited have also received a great number of orders. Most of the buyers are young people and red is their favorite color.

What customers find most attractive about the MG6 is that it can accelerate to 100 kph in six seconds. Internet connection and a highly efficient braking system also present young drivers with unique enjoyment.

最性能座驾 连订单都跑得比别人快!全新名爵6上市首个周末订单超2000

 As a perfect integration of fadhion and pragmatism, the new MG6 demonstrates a rakish yet graceful sporty identity. Its SGE 20T engine has maximum power of 165 horsepower and a maximum torque of 250 Nm, creating a pleasant sense of acceleration. In addition to the McPherson aluminum front suspension and rear blade multilink suspension, the XDS dynamic cornering control system helps strengthen the driver’s sense of a racing experience.

The advanced technologies adopted by the new MG6 allow the customers to access functions like artificial intelligent speech, exclusive personal navigation and multifunctional intelligent external connection, giving them a strong sense of the future.

最性能座驾 连订单都跑得比别人快!全新名爵6上市首个周末订单超2000

Other features that make the new MG6 popular include the “red” visual effect, a fastback design, Bridgestone tires, the fashionable progressive turning signals, a 10.1-inch high-definition touch screen and a seven-inch interactive virtual dashboard.

Buyers of the new MG6 can enjoy preferential treatments, such as lifelong free service. The purchase tax for the new MG6 will also be halved until Dec 31, making the price as low as 94,800 to 129,800 yuan ($14,353 to 19,652).