MG6 brings ‘perfect’ NEVs to Guangzhou exhibition


The MG6 Plug-in Hybrid made its debut at the 15th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition in Guangdong province on Nov 17.

In line with the brand philosophy of “Be Perfect”, this model boasts efficient dynamics, elegant appearance, luxury configuration and internet connection.   

By adopting the NetGreen and Netblue power technology of SAIC Motor Corporation Limited, the centennial international brand MG focuses on new energy to create a luxury internet vehicle for young customers. In 2018, MG plans to launch more new energy models.

MG6 Plug-in Hybrid: luxury NEVs

Taking “Always Young” as its development concept, MG prioritizes the needs of young people. The MG6 Plug-in Hybrid, MG’s first new energy vehicle, is the one that best reflects that  concept. With its exquisite appearance, internet connection, precise control and dainty configuration, the vehicle is designed for young customers who prefer international style and believe in “Be Perfect”.


The MG6 Plug-in Hybrid boasts a dynamic design which gives it elegant lines and a beautiful appearance. The internet connection will meet young customers’ needs for real-time data.

The integration of GreenNet and BlueNet provides a globally advanced hybrid power system for this model and creates a new standard in environmental protection. The system can produce maximum power of 228 horsepower and maximum torque of 622 Nm. It also lowers the combined oil consumption over 100 kilometers to 1.5 liters, creating more power with less fuel consumption. 

Based on the luxury configuration of MG6, the Plug-in Hybrid version is also equipped with electronic-knob shift, a 10.1-inch interconnected screen, and 12.3-inch full LCD interactive virtual dashboard, creating a sense of science and technology; MGPilot advanced active driving assistance system (ADAS), better realizing MG’s “Safety Fast” concept and providing a safe driving experience; an automatic parking system; a remote control system which allows drivers to speed up, put their heads back and steer the vehicle through an app on their cellphone.

New energy and internet help MG “Be Perfect”

The MG Plug-in Hybrid is just the beginning of MG’s exploration into new energy vehicles (NEVs). To be the “leader of global internet and smart driving”, MG plans to release a series of NEVs, covering sedan, SUVs and high-end sports cars. In 2018 the first internet SUV – pure electric MG ZS – will be launched. A new generation mid-sized SUV NEV will be launched in 2019. The widely anticipated MG E-motion in pure electrics and plug-in hybrid versions will also be released in 2020.


SAIC Motor, China’s top automobile enterprise, ranks 41st on the Fortune Global 500 list. In line with its belief in electricity, interconnection, intelligence and sharing, SAIC Motor will help the MG NEVs become the first choice for young customers.

SAIC Motor’s technologies will help upgrade the hybrid power system of MG NEVs. MG NEVs  have adopted a high-energy density waterproof lithium battery, which is anti-collision and adaptable to extreme weather. The battery has met the standards of international IP67 and the United States’ UL2580, guaranteeing the vehicle high speed and safety.

SAIC Motor’s internet technologies will allow MG drivers accessibilty to real-time data, artificial intelligence speech, excusive personal identity, GPS and multifunctional intelligent external connection, giving them international style driving enjoyment.


Equipped with advanced technologies and exquisite configuration, MG vehicles exemplify the integration of the internet technology, luxury, sports performance and environmental protection.

Starting with the MG Plug-in Hybrid, MG will make good use of new energy and the big engine of the internet and smart driving to create the perfect driving experience for young drivers.