Popular New MG6 holds party for car owners

Popular New MG6 holds party for car owners

The New MG6 vehicles are showed off at the party held for car owners in Zhuhai, on Jan 6.

MG, short for Morris Garages, a vehicle brand owned by SAIC Motor Corporation Limited, threw a party for the owners of New MG6 at Zhuhai city, Guangdong province, on Jan 6.

In addition to car owners, racing drivers, rappers and battle dancers were also invited to the spot where participants enjoyed the New MG6 themed party.

Top domestic racing drivers fought to become the instructors of MG6 Trophy League by driving the new MG6. On the Gymkhana racing track, Wang Rui, winner of China Touring Car Championship competed with speed racer Gao Huayang. Cui Yue, champion of China Formula Grand Prix and Wang Jinrui who is honored as the queen of drifting also showcased their driving skills at the 400-meter racing track. Other racers like Han Yue and Hua Tingting demonstrated how to parking cars skillfully.

The car owners also enjoyed themselves at the party where they took part in competitions including darts, football, basketball and rock climbing. They also drove their refitted New MG6 to the party. Some even spent as much as 500,000 yuan ($79,385.24) to make the vehicle more suitable to their tastes, such as by adding “scissor door” or big surrounded to New MG6.

Wins good reputation with outstanding performance

MG, an international brand that originated in the UK, is targeted at young customers. By making good use of the advanced technologies of SAIC Motor Corporation Limited, New MG6 were well received by the markets with its outstanding appearance, interior and cost performance, as well as high performance in dynamics and controllability. In less than a month after the launch of New MG6, orders for more than 10,000 vehicles were placed. On the 66th day, the number of ordered vehicles exceeded 26,000.

The New MG6 is upgraded in many aspects and thus boasts better and advanced configuration. Installed with XDS dynamic cornering control system and the latest electronic stability control (ESC) system, it can create sporty and safe driving experience for the drivers. Other configurations, like Bridgestone tire, 10.1-inch touch screen and 7-inch interactive virtual dashboard help in improving its driving performance. The vehicle is also accessible on the internet all around the clock.

Thanks to its outstanding performance and intimate service, New MG6 enjoyed a good reputation among customers. Statistics from national authoritative data platform of public opinion on automobile showed that New MG 6 ranked first on the reputation list of passenger vehicles. Approximately 20 percent of the MG6 owners have planned to replace the old car with the New MG6, suggesting that MG has won its customers’ trust.

Prioritizing the needs of young customers, MG insists on producing vehicles of the best cost performance. At the same time, it continues to release preferential treatments for the owners and upgrades the vehicle configuration to provide better driving experience for drivers.