The Debut of MG ZS Pure Electric Vehicle at Guangzhou Automobile Exhibition - the Pure Electric New Energy Vehicle with European Standards is the Most Eye-catching

Attract young people’s attention all over the world. On November 16, MG ZS, a pure electric new energy vehicle with European standards made its debut at the Guangzhou Automobile Exhibition, where young people from all over the world experienced the new pure electric Internet SUV.

名爵ZS纯电动广州车展首秀 采用欧洲标准的纯电动新能源车最吸睛


Under the guidance of SAIC Group’s new four strategies of “electrification, intelligent networking, sharing, and internationalization”, MG continues to lead the trend in the field of fuel vehicles, and its new energy vehicles attract young people. After its first new energy vehicle, MG 6 won a good market reputation, it launches ZS pure electric vehicle, and plans to enter the UK and other international markets next year. Next, MG ZS pure electric vehicle will undergo road tests for up to two months in many European countries to prepare for global sales. Equipped with the world-class “Net Green” power and SAIC’s leading system of electric drive, battery, and electric control, MG ZS pure electric vehicle boasts a constant velocity range of up to 428km. Moreover, the latest generation of “intelligent interconnection” system and the exclusive color of new energy will provide a better and trendier choice for the global market where the demand for pure electric vehicles is increasing.

Always YOUNG, “fast-forward” youth. Multiple upgrades of MG ZS pure electric vehicles

Accurately responding to the vehicle use nature of the new “fast-forward generation”, MG has created a “trendy pure electric product” for young people. After the multiple upgrades of “energy, intelligence, and appearance”, MG ZS pure electric vehicle will attract the attention of young people around the world.

名爵ZS纯电动广州车展首秀 采用欧洲标准的纯电动新能源车最吸睛

名爵ZS纯电动广州车展首秀 采用欧洲标准的纯电动新能源车最吸睛

The upgraded appearance caters to young people. In the market where new energy vehicles look the same, ZS pure electric vehicle uses MG’s new kansei design, making its shape more outstanding; it has also introduced the exclusive color of new energy, making its appearance more attractive. At the same time, MG ZS pure electric vehicle is also equipped with panoramic sunroof, luggage rack and other configurations, as well as two sizes of rims to choose from. In addition, its wheelbase is 2,585mm, and its space performance outshines its peers, bringing a comfortable driving experience.

The upgraded energy is doubled. MG ZS pure electric vehicle is equipped with SAIC’s world-class “Net Core” power and advanced system of electric drive, battery, and electric control. The longest constant velocity range is up to 428km, making travel “super easy”. Its power output is up to 110kW, and it needs only 3.1s to accelerate to 50km/h from 0 km/h. The high performance brings “super feelings”. The power consumption per 100 kilometers is as low as 13.8kW, and the energy consumption level is 4% better than its peers, only 1/10 of the fuel vehicles of the same class. The electricity consumption is “super low”. It is worth mentioning that MG ZS pure electric vehicle meets the “super strict” European certification standards and regulatory requirements such as E-MARK and REACH, and has been ready for global listing.

Intelligent upgrade, leading technology. MG ZS pure electric vehicle is equipped with the new generation of “intelligent interconnection” system, bringing 24H real-time online, intelligent navigation, remote control vehicles, one-click payment of parking fees and many other user-friendly experiences. It can be upgraded for unlimited times to serve the young life.

名爵ZS纯电动广州车展首秀 采用欧洲标准的纯电动新能源车最吸睛

名爵ZS纯电动广州车展首秀 采用欧洲标准的纯电动新能源车最吸睛

MG re-creates a “new hot spot” for its global strategy. MG ZS pure electric vehicle will appear in the international market.

After the first new energy vehicle MG 6 won the good market feedback and reputation, MG has launched MG ZS pure electric vehicle to re-create a “new hot spot” for its global strategy. According to the plan, MG ZS pure electric vehicle will be sold in China and many other European countries and regions with the UK as the center. To this end, MG ZS pure electric vehicle will undergo road tests for up to two months in many European countries to open the global layout of MG new energy with the high quality which meets European strict standards and regulations.

MG emerges as the times require and faces the world. It will return to the international market. As MG’s highlight on the international stage, MG ZS has been eye-catching since its launch. It has continued to sell well in the international markets such as the UK, Australia and Thailand, and has won the favor of nearly 100,000 global young vehicle owners. It has also been the best sellers of Thai SUVs for many times and is a well-deserved “global trendy vehicle”.

Produce global trendy vehicles on the global stage. MG ZS pure electric vehicle, with the world’s leading new energy technology, is about to appear on the market globally. What new experience of pure electric Internet SUV will this pure electric trendy product bring? What kind of pure electric travel trend will MG, a new energy brand with high performance spark in the world? Let’s look forward to it!