MG Brings "Technological & Trendy Products" to Shanghai Auto Show 2021

On April 19, MG, the Ninety-Seven-Years-Young brand, unveils "the world's first pure electric super sports gaming cockpit" MG Cyberster at the Shanghai Auto Show. MG rekindles young hearted people's sports car dreams with the latest works of high-energy romanticism. The first co-creation platform “MG CyberCUBE” is also officially launched. Consumers can become participants, decision makers and beneficiaries of automobile production together with MG brand.


In addition, MG made a number of customized models, which sparked attention with its "technological & trendy products". The tuning version of MG6 XPOWER, the special edition of third-generation MG6 and Bilibili gaming version, the new MG5, MG Linghang PHEV, and MG6 PHEV cross-border cooperation versions appeared on the same stage, assisting the MG booth to become the trendy landmark for young hearted consumers.


MG booth also prepared a series of trendy interactive games. Play games on a MG-shaped interactive screen device; customize your favorite MG6 XPOWER on the MG XPOWER online store to experience the racing track; show the exclusive YOUNG declaration in the MG5 selfie space; travel from the past to the present via a time glasses. By continuously creating new experiences, MG has always been "connected" with young hearted people.


MG Cyberster, the most "IN" car unveiled

As a "young spokesperson", the MG brand is well versed in the personality characteristics of young people, insights into their new needs in the new era, and innovatively created a new product line called "Dream Technology Incubator"-MG Cyber. At the same time, MG Cyberster, which best interprets the technical level and youthful thinking of the Cyber product line, also officially debuted.

"The world's first purely electric super sports gaming cockpit" MG Cyberster adopts MG's new design philosophy "High-Energy Romanticism", combines violent aesthetics with romanticism, making it unforgettable. Previously, MG Cyberster's real car images were praised by global medias and fans as soon as they were exposed. With the solid and dynamic sports car proportion, the "Wind Hunter" front face, the "Magic Eye" interactive headlights, the "Laser Belt", the "Red Wing" taillights, the Kammback tail design, etc., MG Cyberster has attracted the attention of many consumers. In terms of mechanical performance, MG Cyberster can achieves 800 kilometers mileage through the application of module-free battery (CTP) technology. With the self-developed new 8-layer Hair-pin motor, it can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in less than 3 seconds. In addition, its L3 autonomous driving technology and the intelligent "atomized upgrade" technology also bring each consumer exclusive experiences.


As a carrier of MG brand connotation, the Cyber product line is developed focusing on five key words: C-Co-creating, Y-Young, B-Beyond, E-Evolution, and R-Recreation. Inheriting MG's history nearly a hundred years to the present, the Cyber product line is polishing MG's charming appearance and intelligent technology.

The first co-creating project is officially launched

At this Shanghai Auto Show, the first auto co-creation platform - MG CyberCUBE was officially kicked off! As early as the first listing of MG Cyberster renderings, people kept asking: Is this car just a concept car, and will it be mass-produced in the future? To answer this, MG brand has launched a bold and open-minded new business model. How to realize the mass production will be determined by users on the co-creation platform – MG CyberCUBE.


The MG CyberCUBE platform is divided into two major sections, crowd-funding and crowd-creation. The crowd-funding sector determines whether MG Cyberster will be mass-produced, and the crowd-funding sector determines how. The target quantity of crowd-funding is 5000 shares (1 share equals to 1,000 RMB). From now on until July 31, users can log in to the MG CyberCUBE platform, and only need to put down 1,000 RMB as “Dream Gold” for deposit to participate in crowd-funding. Once the target shares reached, the project is considered to be successful launched.

Inheriting a century of racing genes, the MG brand responds to young voices with customized modifications

MG brand has participated in domestic and international racing events for many times, and won TCR China's annual team and model championship double crowns in 2020. MG brand has always actively responded to the voices of young hearted people with high-tech trendy products in customized field, and created unique OEM tuning culture.

MG brand continues to give MG XPOWER more youthful connotations, and will launch official tuning versions of MG XPOWER base on the production models this year. In May, MG will also bring users a grand MGLive! Tuning event to experience auto culture and organize a carnival party exclusively for MG Fans.


From brand proposition to product matrix to service reshaping, MG interprets the three major labels of "globalization, digitalization, and rejuvenation" from the inside out, demonstrating the spiritual core of the MG brand that does not compromise, not follow blindly, and never give up. In 2021, the MG brand will continue to focus on "customized sports tuning", "fashion & trendy ", "intelligent technology” and "e-sports ", to demonstrating the distinctive young attitude of the MG brand.