SAIC witnesses soaring growth in sales

In January, the Shanghai-based SAIC Motor saw wholesale sales of 245,000 vehicles and retail sales exceeding 450,000 vehicles, growing nearly 50 percent year-on-year and maintaining its industry-leading position.

Retail sales of new energy vehicles (NEVs) exceeded 90,000 units, doubling the number from the previous year; overseas market retail sales exceeded 80,000 vehicles, year-on-year growth of over 20 percent; and self-owned brands accounted for a considerable portion of the group's overall sales.

In January, SAIC Motor's NEVs achieved wholesale sales of 64,000 vehicles and retail sales exceeding 90,000 vehicles, both doubling numbers from the previous year, with excellent performances from both independent and joint venture brands.

Specifically, the delivery of 4,766 units of the IM LS6 made it the sales champion of "Medium and Large Pure Electric SUVs" for three consecutive months; the monthly sales of the Roewe D7 DMH reached a new high of 6,000 units, maintaining its position in the top three on the monthly sales list of medium-sized hybrid sedans; the Wuling Xingguang sold 10,005 units, securing the second spot in China's plug-in hybrid sedan market under 150,000 yuan ($20,846.55); the SAIC Volkswagen ID. family set off with full electric power, with monthly sales continuously exceeding 10,000 units; and SAIC-GM's NEV deliveries exceeded 7,000 units, maintaining rapid year-on-year growth.

SAIC Motor's international operations also performed strongly. In January, the export sea freight capacity faced constraints due to the situation in the Red Sea, extending shipping times. SAIC actively coordinated internal and external resources to achieve overseas wholesale sales of 64,000 vehicles and continued to tightly grasp retail sales.

SAIC Motor's overseas market retail sales exceeded 80,000 vehicles, year-on-year growth of over 20 percent, with SAIC’s MG brand delivered 20,000 vehicles in developed European countries. In mid-January, the SAIC Anji Shencheng, the largest clean energy roll-on/roll-off ship in the world with the highest degree of localization and 7,600 vehicle slots, officially joined SAIC's self-operated fleet, expanding it to 31 vessels. Over the next three years, 13 more large-scale ocean-going vessels will join SAIC's self-operated fleet, further helping Chinese independent brands expand overseas.